Compaq Upgrade - Celeron 560 to T2370

Hi Guys,

Yup i'm a noob on here but just a quick question please.

I have a Compaq C793VU Laptop with a 560 Celeron, i did some reading about upgrading the cpu. I found that it could be upgraded with some CPU's. Now i have a HP DV2000 with a screwed mobo due to the GFX chip error that most people are aware of but it has a T2370 cpu... so i checked intel website sockets the same etc and checked the service manual of the C793VU and the T2370 is listed in there so i thought sweet!

After opening up my c793vu i found the t2370 chip does not fit ... the pins on the underside of the cpu have a slightly different layout by 1 pin... where have i gone wrong? and are there any suitable cpu's that i could up grade with?

Thank you so much for any help!
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  1. On something that "old," you're going to be hard pressed to find anything that will give you much of a performance gain over a celeron. Plus, I would be concerned about power and cooling needs, i.e. if you could find a chip that fits, chances are that it is going to run hotter, which in turn will put a lot of stress on the stock heat sink. Your best bet is to save up for a new laptop.
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