NTFS failure??? help asap


i didn't know where i had to place this question, so don't shoot me if it's on the wrong place!

I have an
-AMD Athlon 2500+ barton core
-512mb ram @333hz
-ABIT NF7-s mobo
-Ati radeon 9600 128mb
-Windows XP Dutch version (Home edition)
-Maxtor diamondmax plus 9, 80gig ATA/133

I putted this computer together the usual way i do (i'm not a noob in this), formatted the hard disk with quick NTFS structure and I installed windows xp and everything works. 2days later suddenly while the PC was booting i get the message "the following file /system32/ntfs.sys is corrupt of missing, you can try to repair this file with the Windows XP cd".
OK, i try to repair it, but it doesn't work. I formatted the whole disk and this time i took the long NTFS structure. Again everything installed...1day later...same failure!
again i formatted, but again..a day later it crashed.

now is my question...what's the problem here? a bad harddisk? or something else?
plz help me, because i need this pc asap for my school work!!

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  1. The way I see it, one of the following is probably the cause of your problem:

    1. Virus - Do you have an antivirus installed with the latest virus definitions, and updated your OS using Windows Update?
    2. Bad IDE cable - I know, this may seem weird but I have seen it before!
    3. Bad HDD - Maybe you have another HDD you can try?
    4. Bad memory - I consider this an unlikely possibility but again, I have seen bad memory being the cause for data corruption on HDDs.

    I hope this helps. I doubt there is a way to know for sure what the problem is. You have to test and see yourself. Maybe start from no.1 in that list which is the most easy thing to do and then move to all other possibilities, if that doesn't solve it.
  2. Here are some more things to consider:
    1. If you're using the SATA to PATA adapter, set the EXT-P2P's Discard Time to 1ms, in the BIOS
    2. If you're using SW-IDE Driver, do away with it. It causes hard drive corruption for some people. Reinstall the nForce drivers and select "no" when asked to install the SW-IDE driver, so it installs the In-the-box 3.58 IDE driver instead.
    3. It could be a PSU or memory problem.

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  3. Update Windows?
  4. You may want to check your chip temps and voltages. My NF7-S gives only 1.6 v when set to 1.65. Are you overclocking?
  5. If you are using the software IDE driver, that could well be the cause. It never occurred to me that when I was having this problem that driver could be the cause. I'll be going back to the "in-the-box" version asap. This same thing happened to me several times, but only after updating to the latest nforce chipset drivers and installing the IDE SW driver. Try that first if you were using it.

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  6. same thing happened to me, when i changed my OS to my new SATA hard drive. i couldnt figure out how to "repair" windows, so i just ended up reinstalling windows all over again and its worked fine since.

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    WD 36GB 10,000RPM 8MB SATA
    Maxtor 40GB 7,200RPM 8MB ATA133
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