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M17x- R3?

Hi Guys,
I hope i am posting this into the right area, my question is fairly basic and trivial, but i need some direction.

I am curious to know if Alienware have released 5870 in crossfire in any laptops yet, BUT, i mean 2 5870 cards in 1 unit.

I have seen many people with M17x-R2 in there signatures stating they have 5870xf, i looked on the US, UK and Australian alienware sites and couldnt find where the 5870 was in crossfire, they all still show the 4870 crossfire as the better/more expensive choice.

Performance wise i believe the 4870 crossfire is still about 20-30% better in performance than the 5870.

Dell have mentioned to as the R2 I recieved was serviced 2 times out of the box that i am entitled to a new 1. I want to ensure i get the newest and best options fitted. They tell me that a proper 5870 crossfire is not available yet but may be in the next revision.

Anyone heard any dates for the next revision yet?

Thanks in advance. Any info is good info.

PS...... I posted this in the graphics section and was pointed to this area, so i apologise if you see it as a double post.
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    Well,since a graphic card related question,check your thread in the graphic section
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