CD drive not working

why does the CD drive not work for most of my disks?Ive tryed cleaning the CD and the lens but it still doesnt work.
Please answear if you know why
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  1. Sometimes, the cd will install the engine for a program then refuse to install the rest?
    That's if it's a game?

    Some CD's have a country code. If that code is different than where you live, or wherever the computer came from, like India or Japan etc,
    means that it won't work, period. Like Movie DVD's, something like that.

    I've got a couple of games that refused to install, but somehow, I managed it to
    install on one computer but not the other.

    The CD player went on, and on, and on, that even when I checked the CD device
    in windows directory, it kept searching for the contents for what seemed forever.

    Sometimes they'll come good, sometimes it's best to give up?

    The only other explaination is, that if it's a copy done by another computer and
    the session hasn't been closed, means that it will not play on anything else other
    than the computer is was copied on? Hope that helps???????
  2. PS, If it's a pirated copy, the original is usually protected from copying, by not
    copying over special codes. It can be read, maybe even used to a percent, but
    not playable without the original.
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