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Overclocking Mr. Prescott

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March 1, 2004 12:24:08 AM

My friend and I recently invented a strange new cooling system, and wanted to give it something to show off with. We chose a Prescott 2.8E, and an Abit IC7 motherboard. We're using PC4200 OCZ memory.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be very much data at all on the Prescott. We know it idles ~50C in air, and ~70 when overclocked + cooled with EXOS (courtesy hardOCP).

We managed to get the 2.8 to 4.13GHz, with a CPU temp of 47.5C. That's 147.5% faster than stock.

Is this pretty good? We're using the 14x multiplier, so theoretically with a 3.2 we'd be at ~4.7-4.8GHz, and no, we're not using liquid nitrogen or dry ice, OR a vapochill system.

My question is, are these results promising, or run-of-the-mill? I'm trying to decide if we should continue to refine this setup before we go public with it, or if it's nothing special and we should can the project where it stands.


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March 1, 2004 1:54:24 AM

if your using the penis cooling method id stop now, AMD and INTEL tech's cant stop ejaculating at any temp above 50.

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March 1, 2004 2:30:27 AM

Results sound pretty good to me, but that depends on the cost of the cooling solution. I can't really answer your question except to suggest you try more than one chip before "canning" or diving into producton. Every chip is different. If you have a great OC'in chip, your results might be soso. if you have a poor OC'in chip, you might have discovered gold. See what the best normal air cooled OC is on that chip and motherboard. Is it way lower? Now weigh in the cost of your cooling solution. That's my opinion anyway.

ABIT IS7, P4 2.6C, 512MB Corsair TwinX PC3200LL, Radeon 9800 Pro, Santa Cruz, TruePower 430watt
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March 1, 2004 3:17:26 AM

yeah, there are way to many variables to be able to give you an answer. youd need to test over several systems with varying platforms, such as motherbaords, multiple prescott chips, maybe northwood and even amd chips to see how it fares. and depending on your apparatis, you have to figure out what you maximum dissapation is and push it to that limit.
March 2, 2004 8:20:32 PM

Very good results if you can maintain those temps under full load.

Here is my <A HREF="" target="_new">2.8e @ 4.2Ghz</A> maxing out the mobo stability 300FSB 1:1

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March 2, 2004 8:20:42 PM

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March 2, 2004 9:37:22 PM

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March 2, 2004 9:52:10 PM

Yeah I agree. I have not seen one post from him that I would repeat out loud. Maybe some find it funny, but to me it belongs in some Others/immature/pervert board and not here.

ABIT IS7, P4 2.6C, 512MB Corsair TwinX PC3200LL, Radeon 9800 Pro, Santa Cruz, TruePower 430watt
March 3, 2004 12:14:23 AM

Sweet OC. What are you using for Mobo Ram and Cooling?
March 4, 2004 9:46:14 PM

Modded mach1 for cooling
Asus P4C800 modded
OCZ PC4200EL @ 3.3v

I am seeing Prescotts reaching 5Ghz now without LN2, much better oc's than Northwoods now.

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March 5, 2004 12:03:56 AM

Wait till the new DO stepping comes out.