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What is the best - $270 Laptop for me?

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Which one is best for me?

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  • Gateway W730 - K8X : $150
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  • Ibm Thinkpad T42 : $165
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  • Panasonic Toughbook CF - 29 : $180
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May 14, 2010 4:33:40 PM

Ok, I have been browsing through notebooks for a while on Ebay, when I find a good deal, I look up reveiws for it, but in general, I have found a few nice lappies to fit my mobile gaming needs:

Panasonic Toughbook CF- 29
Intel Pentium M 1.6Ghz 1Gb DDR Ram 60Gb HDD

Why it fits me:

I play several games, which the hard drive supports well, and I need some long battery and substantial preformance, which is where the Pentium M kicks in, but unlike the Thinkpad below, I need to go places with this lappie, I need it to last a really long time without repairs, and I kinda drop stuff alot... and when I watched worse case senario last night, I figured it could be a substantial weapon against, hmm, rabid dogs... :pt1cable: 

Why it doesn't fit me:

It is heavy for its size, and only has one USB, and ussually comes with a CD - RW, which means that the only game I can play from outsiede(not steam or anything) would be Halo CE...

Price: $180

Ibm Thinkpad T42 / R32 / T43
Intel Pentium M 1.86 Ghz 1Gb DDR Ram 40 - 80Gb HDD

Why it fits me:

It has a better Video and Proccessor than the Toughbook, and a DVD rom, which means I can play Far Cry 2 and Bioshock on it.

Why it doesn't fit me:

It is known to have GPU failures and is common, and its a 1 drop smash at its level of thinness. I borrowed one, but was a pain in the but to grip the lid latch and open it.

Price: $165

Gateway W730 - K8X
2.19 Ghz AMD Athlon 64 Mobile 1.25Gb Ram 100gb HDD

Why it fits me:

It doesn't feel cheap, it has 2 nice sound buttons, and has the worlds best toutch pad on it, ultra bright screen, and is thick enough for the occasional drop.

Why it doesn' t fit me:
It is SUPER heavy, the 15" screen barely fits on my desktop, battery requires recharge every hour, no way to upgrade the 3 cell battery, cannot upgrade Ram to 2gb, confusing placement of ports, pretty crappy quality(creaks under my arms weight). No keyboard imbedded mouse.

Price: $150

Could you find out which lappie is best for me?

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