What is the best - $270 Laptop for me?

Ok, I have been browsing through notebooks for a while on Ebay, when I find a good deal, I look up reveiws for it, but in general, I have found a few nice lappies to fit my mobile gaming needs:

Panasonic Toughbook CF- 29
Intel Pentium M 1.6Ghz 1Gb DDR Ram 60Gb HDD

Why it fits me:

I play several games, which the hard drive supports well, and I need some long battery and substantial preformance, which is where the Pentium M kicks in, but unlike the Thinkpad below, I need to go places with this lappie, I need it to last a really long time without repairs, and I kinda drop stuff alot... and when I watched worse case senario last night, I figured it could be a substantial weapon against, hmm, rabid dogs... :pt1cable:

Why it doesn't fit me:

It is heavy for its size, and only has one USB, and ussually comes with a CD - RW, which means that the only game I can play from outsiede(not steam or anything) would be Halo CE...

Price: $180

Ibm Thinkpad T42 / R32 / T43
Intel Pentium M 1.86 Ghz 1Gb DDR Ram 40 - 80Gb HDD

Why it fits me:

It has a better Video and Proccessor than the Toughbook, and a DVD rom, which means I can play Far Cry 2 and Bioshock on it.

Why it doesn't fit me:

It is known to have GPU failures and is common, and its a 1 drop smash at its level of thinness. I borrowed one, but was a pain in the but to grip the lid latch and open it.

Price: $165

Gateway W730 - K8X
2.19 Ghz AMD Athlon 64 Mobile 1.25Gb Ram 100gb HDD

Why it fits me:

It doesn't feel cheap, it has 2 nice sound buttons, and has the worlds best toutch pad on it, ultra bright screen, and is thick enough for the occasional drop.

Why it doesn' t fit me:
It is SUPER heavy, the 15" screen barely fits on my desktop, battery requires recharge every hour, no way to upgrade the 3 cell battery, cannot upgrade Ram to 2gb, confusing placement of ports, pretty crappy quality(creaks under my arms weight). No keyboard imbedded mouse.

Price: $150

Could you find out which lappie is best for me?
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  1. Out of the ones listed, I'd shoot for the Gateway, as it has the better CPU in terms of speed and computing power (in my opinion). Check these links out to get a better idea on the performance of the hardware in these computers:

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