Windows XP and Athlon XP

I just recently sold my 1.33 T-bird for an Athlon XP 1800+.
So basically I just dropped the chip and booted up XP. So far so good no problems. But then out of know where I get a BSOD point to A stop error and win32k.sys and memory dump.

So then I remember an article I read way back that you need to reinstall windows for it to allow proper use of SSE in the Athlon XP. So then I did a reinstall of XP without a Full format. And it didn't solve my problems I keep getting random BSOD pointing to the same error. I'm going to do a full format later this afternoon and hope this fixes my problem if not I need help!

My system specs

Athlon XP1800+
Asus A7v133 with Promise raid controller(1.009 bios)
Ati Radeon 8500 128mb
Creative SB Audigy
40GB 7200RPM Maxtor HD
Windows XP PRO with Service Pack 1
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  1. ok update!
    From what I was able to find on the net the error is memory related. So I then proceeded to trying different types of memory. And to my surprise it didn't change a thing, the same result after a full format.

    So my Last option was to ditch Windows XP and go back to Windows 2000. And guess what my problem is solved system is rock solid now. I've seen error some what close to this on other XP machines. I work with PC's all day and repair and built them. So What i've learned is Windows XP is very Picky about the ram you use in the system. And apparently my ram wasn't good enough. And until I upgrade my board to a DDR board I'm gonna be using Win2000 for now.

    So Windows XP might be the latest and greatest, but win2k ain't that bad in my books and for my system is alot more stable.
  2. I'm guessing your problem was the MB, not the RAM. I bet if you tried the same RAM and CPU in a more up to date board, it would work fine with WinXP.

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  3. Nah. That's a good board.

    I thought they were rated for XP's, but I've never really looked into it.

    Anyways, I bet it's your power supply.

    No matter what any of these other people tell you, you never can have too much power.

    Seriously, you can find a Leadman 500w psu for $28+s/h. At full load, I bet your system chews up every bit of 160w. Which means, you want a psu rated for 200w+ on the low rails. If you're using a 400w psu, then it's either a fairly poor psu (rated for 160w on the lows), or it's going out.

    [edit: Oh sh!t. I didn't read carefully. I dunno about the audigy and SP1. You may just be screwed and need a new system.]

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  4. I had another tech look at it and he believed it was the board also. But I find it funny that it worked fine with my T-bird and not with my Athlon XP.
  5. And ya its a decent board, the original 1.007 bios is for Athlon XP's and I updated it to the 1.009 bios to see if it would solve my problem.

    I don't think its my powersupply
    I have an 350Watt Enermax Power Supply, this Same setup works fine with win2k so it seems to be an windows XP issue of some kind.

    I'm happy to stick to win2k for the time being. I'll miss the quick boot ups of win XP. But stability is more important to me. Also win2k uses alot less memory upon boot then XP does. Thought thats not a problem cause I have 512Ram.
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