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I want 1 keyboard and mouse to control 2 different computers. The computers are on opposite sides of the room though so I can't have a KVM that has to plug into both. I'm picturing a wireless keyboard and mouse with a reciever plugged into both computers, then something on the keyboard to distinguish which computer to control. Any ideas ?
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  1. Well I found a solution. Just in case anyone else is ever looking for something. There's a Great FREE program called Synergy. Install it on how ever many computers you want to share a keyboard and mouse with, then you can just slide your mouse off the side of the screen to your other monitor, it's really pretty amazing.

  2. Hi!

    I like this option, but I need a hardware solution. I.e., I have two VM servers which I used to access via a hardwired KVM. It worked until I fried the KVM with a PS/2 to USB adapter which apparently didn't cut it for the KVM, so now, I'm looking for a "smart" solution. By smart, I don't mean software, I mean hardware! I want a KVM which accepts wireless Keyboard & mouse signals for two computers and directs the video from same devices to one monitor, i.e., One wireless KM in, one hardwired KVM out.

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