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Hello,my son, 16, needs a laptop for school. He also wants to start working in 3 ds max. I know nothing about computers. Can someone help me figure out what he'll absolutely need for this application?
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  1. lots of RAM, large HDD if rendering animation, decent video chip and screen resolution depending if he want to play HD video and fast CPU at least dual core.
  2. Another important feature is getting one that has high-resolutions. There are some laptops that have 1920x1080 (called 1080p) this will give a bigger work area within the program (as I also use that program).
    You can get by with the normal 1360x768, just that more res. makes it easier to see things when your doing lots of zooming and arc rotating.
  3. CPU RAM this two is very important for 3D
    consider Core i Series should be nice
  4. The 3ds Max minimum system requirements are actually quite modest. System Requirements for 3ds Max
    Just getting started, he won't need the type of computer hardware he'd need if he was going to make a living with 3ds Max or similar software.
    It would help us out if you can mention a comfortable budget range.
  5. WR2 said:
    It would help us out if you can mention a comfortable budget range.


    Thanks for all the replies so far. I guess our budget is probably under $1000. I don't want to spend more than we need to, but I want to get what he needs or the money is wasted anyway, right?
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