Can I/How to grab windows 7 Serial from hard drive

My motherboard friend and I am in the process of replacing the mobo/cpu. I assume that I need to reinstall windows again. But I do not have my serial from my win7 installation (legit).

I bought it through my school when I was in school (through MS academic alliance program), and got it via download, so I don't have the CD case or anything that will have the serial. I thought I had the serial saved, but apparently I don't or have lost it.

Is there any way to grab it off the hard drive before I reinstall windows?

Or can I just plug in the new motherboard, reinstall drivers after it starts up, and grab the serial then? Or am I SOL ?
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    Boot with the old HDD in the new system. Use produkey to get the product key you need for a fresh install. Get it here:
  2. ok, for some reason, I was thinking it wouldn't boot up with a new motherboard Thanks
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  4. New MB=new OS
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