Notebook&Laptop Cooler?

Hey guys, just want to say thanks to Maz, for helping me with my last laptop issue and witch one to choose. But im back today with another issue, well i plan to do alot of gaming on my laptop like MW2 and some other games, the specs for my laptop are:

i7 720QM Quad Core @ 1.6 GHZ turbo boost to 2.8ghz,
4 GB Corsair RAM @ 1333 MHZ
500 GB SATA HDD 16mb Cache [7,200] RPM
ATI HD 5650M 1GB Of FrameBuffer.
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 BIT.
15.6" Screen size HD

So i plan to play games on this laptop, and obviously because of the dedicated graphics, and the i7 it will get hot when im playing MW2, so i was thinking of getting a Laptop Cooler for my home, im not really bothered about power consumption, or how much noise it makes, but aslong as it preforms good, the maximum i would be prepared to spend would be £60 witch is $87 dollars i believe. So any suggestions would be much apprichated, thanks.
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  1. Hi, I reviewed two notebook coolers that you should look into. It's posted here in the forums, but here's the direct link:
  2. ty
  3. cooler will give u 2 to 4c lower which isnt worth it, all u have to do is play near an open window where cool air is around and wear a jacket
  4. Hi dogan, In my opinion. I don't think its worth spending so much money on a laptop cooler, you may want to use your laptop in a air-conditioned room or simply make sure you use it on a flat surface and not some material which might help to trap heat.I you still prefer a laptop cooler, I think a rather cheap one will do the job.
  5. Thanks hollow, i think ill go with the laptop cooler 'coolmaster' or somthing that JMTech suggested, i like the idea of being able to moved the fans directly under your laptop vents, much thanks
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