The Best Bluetooth/Wireless Keyboard?

What's your favourite bluetooth/wireless keyboard for use with a desktop? I've been using a laptop for many years already so I haven't had to purchase a keyboard on its own.
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  1. if you want bluetooth then logitech hands down. i've never had an entry level model so i cannot judge those but anything mid-range on up should be perfect.
  2. The keyboards from Logitech ghost though.
  3. What's your budget..?? Here are a few choices from Microsoft -

    Few options for Logitech -|26|7454

    You can safely choose the one which looks the most attractive to you..
  4. "the keyboards from logitech ghost though."

    i've never had any issues with them silentmemories. i used to play fps games and type up long documents and never had any issues with ghosting, lagging, or anything else. the model i had was the mx1000 mouse + keyboard combination from a few years back. this is why i said i couldnt vouche for the "low end" models.
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