Can i install windows xp on my windows 7 laptop

just discovered my hp photosmart does not support windows 7
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  1. Is your lap top 32 or 64 bit? which copy of windows xp do you have? Before that you even think of putting xp on a computer, have you downloaded the latest drivers for the printer? Wouldn't be easier and cheaper to buy a new printer? And do you know that xp is software that is over a decade old? They are also starting to stop making programs compatible with xp. Plus you will have to do a clean install. This means that you will need to back up all of your files, this is because you are doing a clean install and will erase all the programs. and data that you have. Yes you could but it would not be worth it. I would highly suggest that you keep windows 7 and look for drivers or a new printer.
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