What should I buy, hometheater,pc speakers, studio monitors?

Ok I'm pretty confused as to what I should be looking for so many options.

Basicly I have a PC which I use for gaming/music and a TV I use for movies obviously. Now I don't have any soundsystem atm as my old one broke, and was pretty crap, I'm looking for something new but not sure what I Should be buying.

Hometheater perhaps? does that work for gaming on pc too or just for the TV? Maybe studio 2.0 speakers should be good for music etc, but how are they for movies, gaming?

Well basicly I need some help.

My budget is max 1000 $ all included.
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  1. Depends on usage. A lot of action movies or fps shooters can benefit from surround.

    Music is mostly stereo. Depends on your priorities. Some people prefer quality 2-channel if they mostly listen to music.

    Is this for computer at a desk or are you sitting at an appreciable distance away from the monitor? Do you have the space for surrounds?
  2. Room is like this :)


    Yes not so pretty hehe, anyway just to give you an idea, I can't move the stuff around cause the rest of the room is filled up too :) just drew in the important stuff.
  3. Room is 6x5 Meters not 5x5
  4. Since you cannot rearrange your room surround sound would not work well for the different seating locations that you have so I would go 2.1 channel with 2 pairs of speakers. One pair at the PC when you are at the desk and another pair for the TV when you sit in the couch. A single sub would work for both pairs and you would turn off the pair that you did not want to use. A stereo or surround sound receiver with speaker A-B switch and sub out would work. You would feed it with the audio from you PC and your TV (or set top box if you have one). A surround receiver might be easier to connect as it will have digital inputs. You can divide your budget as to which pair of speakers is more important.
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