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Hi everybody, I'm new to THG, and in many respects I'm new to any sort of computer theory at all. I built my own computer (no biggie to anyone here I'm sure) but I don't know the meaning of any computer jargon--for instance, I don't know the difference between chipsets, heck I don't even know the function of a chipset, don't know the advantages to different types of RAM, etc. Even though I'm ignorant now, I love computers and will be entering an engineering school this fall, and I'd really like to sate my hunger for all things computer.

So if there are any links you guys could give me to sites that would explain the basics to me so I'm not in the dark when I'm reading articles on THG and stuff, or perhaps you could direct me to a something on THG that would explain all this stuff, I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks then, for takin the time to help out a rookie, hopefully with your help in a couple of weeks I can post on these forums without looking like a complete idiot.

-johhnyboy the unenlightened (so far)
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  1. <A HREF="" target="_new"> Beyond3D's </A> glossary is a good place to start for terms from the videocard related market. I'm sure there are more for other components, but I can't remember them off of the top of my head so google is a good place to find them. :smile:
  2. thank you--i asked my friend for the same advice(he directed me to this site), and to look on google. only problem is, you get a thousand sites and usually the sites i click either don't deal with what i want, or are so esoteric that it's no use in trying to learn anything from it. i'll def check out that link though, thanks again
  3. A bit of extra info.

    Apart from THG and Microsoft web sites, another excellent site to check out if you need info in the future regarding PC problems/solutions is

    <font color=red>DCB</font color=red><font color=white>_</font color=white><font color=blue>AU</font color=blue>
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