New Mobo/CPU Tempature question

Just upgraded my system from an athlon 1900+ xp to a new asus p4p800 mobo and a 2.8c p4 cpu and am having a hard time believing my tempatures.
I installed a zalman 7000-alcu heatsink using some artic silver ceramique(sp?), and now asus probe is saying my cpu idling temp is at 25c and mobo temp is 28c

My Athlon used to idle at like 42c with a volcano 7+ jet engine on it, I can't even hear this zalman running so these low temps with no noise are freaking me out, lol. Is that a normal temp for P4's to run at or is asusprobe lying to me?

the ambient temp in my case is reading 84.5 F on my LCD display and I have a side fan blowing directly on the HS
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  1. The Amd chip puts out a little less heat than the intel (if it was a tbred-A). Since 28c =82.4f, I think your chip temps may be off a bit. I've never seen a chip run cooler than ambient on air cooling. Just the same, intel recommended fans are a tad better than what most people use for amd. With the zalman, your chip is probably idling about 35c.
  2. I thought Amd XP's were suppose to run hotter than p4's just didn't think it was this much of a diff.


    I just installed motherboard monitor 5 and config'd it for my mobo and it says about the same thing, 26c idle for the cpu and 29c for the case. I ran 3dmark03 a couple times with asusprobe runnin then mbm 5 running and under load cpu hit ~34-35c so I guess the probes are right and its time to overclock it tomorrow =)
  3. That's what zalman is for. Good luck. Truth is though now Intel chips run hotter than Amd. Go figure.
  4. I use the same chip (2.8C), the all-copper version of the Zalman & a DFI LanParty Pro875B mobo. My temps are also in the same range. When I reported them here I was told it's impossible. HOWEVER, I've measured temps every way possible & the results are the same. It's good to see someone else reporting the same temps (albeit w/ a different mobo).
  5. You can believe that the case runs hotter than the cpu if you like. Just stay out of the kitchen when the oven is on.
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