well here it is my laptop (acer timelineU) freezes everytime i start up, everything goes well until i start either opening my start button or clicking an icon on my bar on the bottom. (im not really a pro for computeres either so i dont really know the terms and stuff) and i tried reseting my settings to factory default and it needs to restart my laptop, but the screen just says ''Shutting down'' and loading until nothing happens. what should i do?
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  1. If there is nothing you need on the laptop, a factory reset should be simple. First, go here

    Download the ISO and burn it to a disk. Boot the laptop with the disk and run a RAM test. If it gives any errors, you need to replace the RAM. Talk to Acer if it is under warranty.

    If it passes, run the recovery software by pressing Alt+F10 when the laptop is first booting, when it says Acer on the screen. It will likely wipe the drive, so make sure anything you need is not saved on the laptop first.
  2. If you are still under warranty, better send it back to acer and let them do the trouble shooting.
  3. What actually happens when you click on the start button or an icon in the taskbar?
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