Operating system cd is for recovery?

i want to recover my laptop, but i'm not sure which cd is for recovery. and how i should use it?
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  1. There may be a recovery partition on the hard drive -- in which case if you install afresh from a Microsoft Windows CD you may lose some drivers and utilities normally provided by the laptop maker.

    I would contact the laptop manufacturer -- though I'd imagine the issue is explained somewhere in the documents which came with the laptop.
  2. no its vista, xps/ m1530 ... i used 1 of the CD but it said there is no such a file, .
    the actual problem is my drive c had 8 GB free, but suddenly is became full, i though maybe its virus, i removed something but still it has just 100 MB free so i have to recover my pc, but how? i didn't find in the documents...
  3. Why not just delete what ever files caused it to go from 8GB free to 100MB?
    You shouldnt need to re-install the whole OS to fix a small problem like this.
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