Maximise battery life (i dont mean increase backup time)

ok so i was wondering, how can u maximise the life of ur laptop battery, like how many months/years it is able to store the maximum amount of charge.

is it better to charge discharge, i guess its not..
but any ways, ive heard u should try to keep the battery at about 40% charge..

or is it better to constantly keep the laptop plugged in, in which case it stops charging the battery when its 100% charged (i think so atleast) and then runs directly from the power source. but the problem here is that sometimes it gets plugged out for like 5 minutes and the battery falls too like 94%, and now when its plugged in again it charges to 100% again, which takes quite a lot of time and im sure thats not healthy for the battery

any ways, so any tips for makind sure u maximise battery life
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  1. Generally, they recommend that every time you run the laptop on battery you let it run to as close to 0 as possible. It is also recommended that if you leave your laptop plugged in for extended periods of time, that you remove the battery from the system. Your laptop can run without the battery and leaving the battery in while on the charger can shorten it's life. Trust me on that one, it happened to my laptop ;)

    Check the manual for your laptop, too. They usually have some suggestions to help save the battery.
  2. thanks for the info. just one more thing, so suppose i do remove the battery, idealy how much should the battery be charged remove it and keep it elsewhere cause ive heard that putting a battery away fully charged isnt a good idea.

    and suppose battery is out, laptops running connected to direct cable and some one takes out the cable, and obviously the laptop shuts down. i know for desktops that isnt that bad a thing (happened like 5 times daily minimum to my desktop, and it worked fine ALhamdulillALlah) but is it like realy harmful to a laptop?
  3. 1) I believe 40-50% is the recommended for when you take the battery out.

    2) Shouldn't be any worse than for a desktop. You'll still lose any data or progress that wasn't saved.
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