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Really sorry that this is in completely the wrong place but i'm after a quick answer.
I want to get a new main email address because my current one is a little inappropriate for formal usage.However,I would like to forward the email from my hotmail account to the new address so that I don't have to check two different accounts.The only problem is that I can't see a way in hotmail to do so.Am i being dim?
Thanks in advance for any help :smile: .

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  1. A couple years ago I used to use Hotmail to do what you want. Hotmail would let me connect to up to 4 mail accounts (3 POP accounts plus Hotmail).

    It was great getting all my mail in my Hotmail inbox.

    Unfortunately Microsoft dumped that feature.

    The closest thing I can see now is you could upgrade your Hotmail to MSN Premium ($9.95/month) and use Outlook Connector to view Hotmail and your external POP mail accounts.

    I don't think any there are other mail clients that can access Hotmail so I don't see any other choices as long as you want to keep that email account.

    If it's just the Hotmail domain name that you don't like then you could upgrade to MSN Premium. I think that changes your email to instead of

    Premium would also give you up to 11 email accounts but I don't think you can access them with one logon. There's still Outlook Connector (but I hate Outlook)

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  2. you can access hotmail with outlook express, if thats even what you were looking for. cs game server -
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  3. Thanks very much for your help.I'm not prepared to pay for any 'premium' nonsense so I guess i'll just have to get a new address and check both of them.

    no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
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