Can't delete Old XP System Volume Information, need help

Hi there everyone, I have installed Windows 7 on my C: however my old Windows XP was installed on my D:. I deleted my Windows XP, and want to use my D: as primarily a data disc, however there's an old System Volume Information lingering around from XP, and no matter what I do (take ownership, add permissions, try to toggle off read only and it goes back) I can't delete it.

There's about 20 GB of space just lingering in there and I would like to get to it, can anyone help?
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  1. use disk management and delete the partition and then create a new partition.
  2. On Windows 7 > Right click on Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings > System Protection tab

    Check if the drive D: has protection on / off. Turn it off and you will be able to delete the old System Volume Information folder.

    If that doesn't work, download Unlocker and it will shred the folder.

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