your oppinion needed

how much would this 2 month old system go for on ebay in mint condition? and should/could I sell it and buy an amd system that would enable me to buy the 9800 pro(its only 210 for saphire model)??????????????? thanks for oppinions

p4 2.6c
p4p800 regular not deluxe
kingston hyper x 2x256 pc3500 dual channel matched pair
nec 4x dvdr
lite on cdr/dvdrom
antec sonata w/antec ps
ati 9600 pro
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  1. I don't do the ebay thing, but to go AMD and to up to the 9800 pro really isn't worth all the hassle.
    I personally like the 2500+ better than a 2.6c after i'm done oc'ing the 2500+, but there isn't really a performance gain either way. You might actually lose some performance if your not over clocking.
    There isn't any games right now that you should have a hitch playing anyways. if you really need the xtra performance shell out some cash and buy a nice video card cooler and oc it.
    The saphire model only adds the giant2 cooler on the card i believe and i'm not even sure if they still use the samsung memory.. so any out there correct me if i'm wrong.
    I'm using the giant2 cooler, and the real drawback is you can't push the memory much farther. it's great for the gpu , but no room for ramsinks.

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    45.5k mark? 85 dollars went a long way. So did that extra 15 dollars for cooling my video card.
  2. part of the reason I want the switch is the oc'ing oppertunity vs. the one I have now. I can oc to 2.9 but I need faster memory to keep the 1/1 ratio. I thought it would give me enough money to upgrade the card and memory, plus I could oc an amd machine to get a better performance that what I can currently oc my p4 2.6c.

    I need oppinion though.
  3. i dont have an opinion ?????????????????

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  4. You can get the retail bb Ati 9800pro for $199. All you have to do is send them an old video card like a cirrus logic isa card.
    No, you wont get enough to buy a better new system by selling an old one. Used is cheap.
  5. I sell a fair amount of stuff on E-bay. The problem you will have is that you can sell the pieces for more than the assembled product. I would be surprised if you can get 300 bucks for the whole thing assembled. However, sell the processor with the mobo, the memory, the case & power supply, and the drives separately and who knows? I recently sold a MSI mb with a 1ghz Duron & HS/fan for 75 bucks in 10 minutes. I should have set my Buy-It-Now at $95.00! If you sell it as a unit, set your reserve as low as possible and offer a good guarantee. Then just sit back and cross your fingers! An awful lot of PC parts move on E-Bay. Just ask Crashman. Good luck!
  6. Why not go 5:4? To hit 3.2
  7. the ati deal sounds pretty sweet

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  8. E-bay current pricing:
    200 bucks for mb+2.6c
    100 bucks for 9600pro
    65 bucks for memory?
    30 bucks for burner
    50 bucks for case & ps
    That's about it.
  9. If you are talking about getting the Ati card <A HREF="http:// " target="_new">http:// </A>
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