Corsair Vengeance 1500 USB Headset Issues

Okay, I recently purchased a Corsair Vengeance 1500 USB headset from the acclaim of some friends. Sound is perhaps my weakest area of understanding in terms of computers. Anyways, after I finally got through properly installing the drivers for the headset and had it plugged in, it sounded excellent... for about an hour. After my initial burst of gaming, I returned to notice the headset had a static//popping noise whenever sound played through it. I reinstalled the drivers over again and again it worked for a while before it again made the noise. Figuring there was a faulty wire with the headset (and after doing some research apparently USB headsets sometimes have these problems) I returned it. Unfortunately, at the time, the Fry's i went to did not have the analog version (1300) so I decided to give the 1500 another go, again, because I really enjoyed the sound quality when it worked. This time, it worked all evening and into the morning. However, after getting on again I noticed the same static pop returned. Any ideas? I feel it might have been my outdated, generic sound card but then some places have given me contradicting information about USB headsets having integrated sound cards (again, I do not know this field all that well), others suggest that it is feedback from something in the area, help! i might just have to re-return it and hope the analog fairs better.
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  1. Well on the top of my head you could try another usb port and if problem still persists then try the headset on a different computer or for that matter on a friend's computer that is not in the same house. Now, if the problem still persists then it is probably the headset itself but if the problem doesn't happen using a different usb port or different computer then there is something wrong with your computer.
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