Random black screen crash

HI been running in my new computer
I5 3570
Radeon HD7770
Samsung SSD 64GB
WD 2Tb Green
Samsung S27A350H
Windows 7 64bit
it will run for 3 or 4 day without missing a beat then Bang A Black screen which can only be stopped by a power button power down.
Now this only seem to be crashing while watching VLC. after re booting sometime it crashes again and other times not.
Any help would be good if you need more info please ask and i will try and post it

Thanks for any help Cassar
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  1. looks like your graphics card have some bugs yet to be fixed..
    i seen many others posted same issues..

    try with AMD website for latest drivers patch or update & look for any others mobo drivers update..

    what power supply do you have on your pc. 450 watts or more

    HD 7770 1GB or HD 7770 2GB, which one you got

    here's some extract from tech support for you GPU
    """""The card you have install is a HD 7770 2GB graphics card which requires at least 550 to 600 watts of power. The HD 7770 1GB version requires 500 watts but should be able to run on a system with 460 watts.""""
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