Printer thinks a paper is jammed

My printer says there is a document in ADF, which I have no clue what that means. It tells me to press ok, so I do and it tells me to close the feeder cover, which is closed. Then I press ok and it makes all this noise that does not sound good and it goes back to telling me there is a document in ADF. There is no document in ADF, even though I do not know where the ADF is! I've gotten this to work before, but all I did was open and close a bunch of things and press buttons but cannot seem to get this back to normal again. I do not want to buy a new computer so please help me.
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  1. Sorry I cannot help as I have just come on to say my Lexmark 6350 says I have a paper jam. I have done all it says to clear it but it just says "Your paper has jammed" It does not seem to have jammed and it still scans. If I get any help I will pass it on incase your problem is the same as mine.
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