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Upgrading Asus G50vt-x5

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May 17, 2010 2:23:39 AM

Hi everyone, Im the owner of an Asus G50vt-x5 gaming laptop and after about a week of beta testing All Points Bulletin I have realized I am going to need to upgrade my system's stock components.

I am planning on dropping in an Intel Core 2 Duo extreme x9100 cpu, an Nividia Gforce GTX 260m (mxm 2.1 type III) graphics card, and an additional 4g's of RAM.

But before I make these purchases I have a few questions for the community,

First, will it be possible to drop in a vga and/or a cpu thermal module from a G71gx model incase temparatures get too high with the new components?

Second, is there a tutorial on the proper appilcation of thermal paste to these thermal cooling modules?

P.S. Forgot to ask, anyone know if the G50 series mobo's are Intel Core 2 Quad compatable?

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May 17, 2010 7:23:48 AM

25 watt stock cpu. 44 watt replacment. it MIGHT work.

the gpu on the ASUS cards(not quite standard) is on the wrong side of the board.
Puttinga standard mxm card in one of tse laptops will end with th gpu facing the keyboard... and the stock heatsink faces the bottom... meaning you'd have to hack some kind of custom heatpipe to even think about getting it to work.

I just had to trash a z7100(failed GPU) for that very reason. It also takes the ASUS flip-mxm video cards, and there were no compatible cards for reasonable purchase. :fou: 

Props to ASUS for making such a great laptop.
Shame on them for using a close-but-not-quite video card.
May 17, 2010 4:39:18 PM

xtinct_84 said:
I wonder if this guy ever had any issues down the road with his G50 gpu swap.

main reason why asus and dell make gpus swap on some of their laptops is not so you can upgrade in future its because it helps them save money in warranty repairs, gpu failure are number 1 problem and common so swap is cheaper fix for the manufacturers than swap the board fully.

but they use it for marketing "upgrade in future" yeah right, even if you get lucky and find a gpu card on ebay its like u'd rather buy a new laptop instead and then if you want to upgrade its not much choice out there, like from 128mb to 256 or from 256 to 512 and lets not talk about 1gb bcoze that will be like a $1000 anyway, best way to upgrade a laptop is to sell it and buy new one

1) get latest stuff
2) get a new 1 year warranty
3) get peace of mind