Trying to build my home audio system!! please help!

So for my Birthday my father decided that he wanted me to get arrested for a noise disturbance while at college!! Yay! Any who, he gave me this:

Now the stereo does not have an external audio jack hookup and they all use something that looks like this:,r:16,s:116,i:116&tx=100&ty=51

If you notice off to the right where it says speakers in that white box, that is how I hooked up the speakers with the stereo. It is just a wire.

my question is can I hook up some sort of bluetooth device so I can play my music directly from my phone via bluetooth, (or wireless?) I have an Android htc incredible 2.
I do realize that I could replace my stereo and then this would all be a whole bunch easier, but lets try to remember I am a college student! Anyways Thank you all My last post on this forum proved that you are all extremely helpful and unbiased, gotta show love for Tom's hardware!
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  1. The RCA jacks on the back are the inputs and tape outputs. Aux or tape in would be fine. You can use a 3/8" stereo mini plug (like on your headphones) to RCA stereo plug cable to connect your phone. Start with the volume on the phone fairly low and adjust the volume on the stereo to about 9-10 o'clock and bring the volume on the phone up slowly until it is fairly loud but not distorted. If the phone output is too high it will overload the stereo and produce a distorted sound.

    If you want wireless with bluetooth try this
  2. OK yeah I was referring to the Bluetooth device more so, the image I sent to you about the back of the stereo is just an example (sorry for not mentioning that earlier), I don't have the actual system yet since I'm away at college, but I will have it by summer. I believe we are on the same page though. In addition I believe I have all the things your seeing in that picture. If you are referring to a direct line from my phone headphones jack, to the stereo, then I can tell you right now that port does not exist on this stereo.
    Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the reply americanauc
  3. Sure it does. Get a 3.5mm to L/R RCA cable and plug it into the CD input.
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