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Hey everyone,

I got a pair of sony mdr-nc60's from a family member and i was wondering if it would be worth it to return them and get the Audio Technica ath-m50's

sony nc60

audio technica

the treble on the nc60's is very good and the midrange is fairly decent and same goes for the bass, so i was just wondering how much better the ath-m50's would perform compared to the sony's as i feel like the bass isnt punchy enough and when i turn on the noise cancellation it feels too distorted

please note*** the noise cancelling feature does not matter to me as i have no use for it

thanks in advance
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  1. Sony and Audio Technica sound like Doo-Doo.

    Get real hi fi speakers.
  2. on all of the noise cancelling headphones i've tried... the sound is always distorted in some way. i wouldnt recommend it. instead i would recommend a full over the ear type headphone which naturally cancels out some background noise.

    i own a pair of ath-m50s (m50 is coiled cable, m50s is straight cable) and i can tell you that they are the best pair of headphones i've ever used. for $150 you are not likely to find anything better as the ath-m50s are often compared to headsets in the $300 range. not connected to an amplifier the ath-m50 headphones provide more than enough bass without muddling higher frequencies as well. i've listened to almost every genre on them and they havent failed me yet.

    the only negative is that the synthetic leather does crack after awhile due to your ears sweating on them. however this happens with quite a few headphone models and is easily remedied by either a headphone sock or getting replacement pads (which are fairly cheap) once they wear out. depending on use this is probably going to be about 1.5-2 years. not a huge deal if you ask me.

    guru, saying anything sounds like "doo-doo" without an explanation is not helpful. you are welcome to your opinion of course but remember that without a reason it is worth nothing.

    op, i'm not sure of the quality level on the sony but i would think the audiotechnica would top it.
  3. soundguruman said:
    Sony and Audio Technica sound like Doo-Doo.

    Get real hi fi speakers.
    I agree with you. He is talking about real Junk!
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    another person stating a negative opinion with no supporting details....

    remember that audio quality is highly subjective. what sounds like crap to you might sound great to another. honestly only the op can judge what is best. besides that... you fail to list ANY ... let me repeat that... ANY other alternatives.
  5. yeah i got the audio technica m50!s and thanks guys (ssddx only since he was the only one to come up with a logical explanation as opposed to sounding like a 5 year old who thinks theyre all that with their overpriced beats by dre headphones)

    sorry guys, but if youre gunna give advice then atleast TRY to sound intelligent...

    once again im giving the points to ssddx for not being a biased poster
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