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I'm thinking of buying a mid level laptop for work, and gaming at LanPartys.
For my core gaming i've got a high-end PC, so the laptop should be for playing starcraftII, HoN, Dota, yes, still w3 engine ;)

this is my choice for now:

what's your opinion?
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  1. Plus: It's Asus. It has the GTX 260M. It's under $700.
    Minus: It's not an i3 or i5 CPU. It's used, but re-certified.
    Read NewEgg's Standard Return Policy carefully. You'll have just about 2 weeks to uncover any problems.
    Since it's not your primary computer it could be worth your while taking a chance on a re-certified laptop.
  2. Among the choices now the gaming related advantages of #2 over #1 are:
    Faster CPU: C2D P8700 (2.53GHz) vs C2D P7350 (2. 0GHz)
    Larger, higher res LCD: 17 1440x900 vs 15.6 1366x768

    Plus the larger HDD (500 vs 320) and more RAM (6GB vs 4GB) probably make the ASUS G71 worth $80 more.
  3. for comparison this is what you could get new for $900
    @ Bestbuy: Asus G60JX Core i5-430M & GeForce GTS 360 16" 1366x768 LCD $900
    Model: G60JX-RBBX05 | SKU: 9736955

    Asus G60J review (specs are different but the rest of the review should be accurate)
  4. I was looking to purchase a new laptop but i was confused you have solve my problem thanks for your information.
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