Besy chip for my MoBo?

Whats the difference between a intel 875p cpu and a 865pe? I bought a P4P800 Deluxe MoBo and want to put a 2.8 prescott chip in it, but im not sure if it will work. MoBo says it works best with the Intel 865pe. Anyone?
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    Besy chip for my MoBo?

    Doritos...the cheesy flavor is quite enjoyable

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  2. 2.8 Prescott should work fine in your board. 865PE and 875P use the same core, the 875P has a pin grid with extra pins for ECC memory, which you don't have anyway.

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  3. The 2.8e (prescott) chip adds little to the 2.8c, except heat. Be sure you want the slower, hotter chip, before you spend the cash. The northwood 2.8c would be a better investment, would be less taxing on the motherboard bothe power and heat wise, and in many apps offers better perf.
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