Which macbook to buy and where to buy it

I've had it with my 6 year old Compaq Presario.
I want a real computer therefore I am getting a Macbook. Please tell me which one to buy features I need and where to buy it. I am a podiatrist and will use it for office and home.
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  1. Aren't you considering macbook pro's ? i mean you only want macbook ?
  2. don't buy a mac. get a PC with windows 7 - and you'll be much happier, and have more $ in the bank
  3. That's a matter of opinions,i don't want this thread to become a flame war,so don't go off topic :)
  4. Buying a mac is pointless for your intended uses, not to mention no software you currently have will run on it.

    I would imagine you,ve had it with your 6 year old compaq, odds are it was old on sale tech when you bought it so the tech in it is probably 8-10 years old.

    Any PC with 4G ram + 2.0+ dual core or better CPU, and a 7200 rpm drive will blow your mind. And since your willing to shell out $$$ for mac, get a PC with a SSD hard drive, and you will really be impressed
  5. well, for your usage, the lowest end macbook would probably serve your needs

    though i am with daship and ampedal, a pc will do this tasks just as good with a lower price point
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