HP dv5 sound freezes


I've been looking for a week about this problem and still can't find anything, so I ask the community.

Some months ago, I buyed a new notebook :
- HP dv5-1000 series
- 30F2 m. b. with IDT High Definition Audio CODEC
- 2 Gb ram Samsung
- ATI HD3200
- Windows 7 (32bits)

audio and video drivers are updated to lastest version.

Week ago I started to get a wierd bug.

At random times, the notebook seems to freeze any sound for about a second then get back to normal. Sound freezes, if there's sound playing, it seems like it's repeating the same sound at incredible speed until the lag ends. Here's a mp3 to show you what kind of sound the lag makes :


I really don't have a clue what it can be. I've tried multiple things. I've updated audio and video drivers. I've search around forums to find similar problems. Couldn't find anything.

Anyone have a clue?

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  1. not clear, sounds like robocop
    does the same happens when u plug ears?
  2. Yes, it happens when i plug ears, in firefox too. Could it be my wireless adapter problem ? I got Atheros AR5007 ?
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