Keyboard typing wrong characters (windows 7 laptop)

This morning, when I turned my HP 620 laptop on, many of the keys on the keyboard were typing the wrong characters. Having googled the problem, I’ve checked the ‘likely’ problems e.g. number lock and the keyboard language is definitely set to English (uk). My laptop is running Windows 7 Professional Edition (64-bit).
The characters typed are as follows (in order of key pressed followed by character typed):
7 nothing
8 q
9 nothing
0 /
U nothing
J -
K h
L nothing
; o (shift+; is O)
M ;
. nothing
/ functions as the left arrow
The list button (between altGr and ctrl) types an ‘s’
Delete nothing
Home c
Pg up q
Pg dn nothing
End c
Return 7
Weirdly, even though the messed up keys seem to be those that can also function as the number keypad, ‘I’ has been working fine.
I have absolutely no idea why my laptop has stopped working as it ought to: I’ve run a full anti-virus, which came back negative and done a system restore, which didn’t fix the problem. Additionally, I tried connecting a USB keyboard, which worked normally, but isn’t an option for permanent use.
I really hope someone may be able figure out what the problem may be and I’d be very grateful for any suggestions made.
Many thanks.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    It can't be pure coincidence that these are all number key or dual-purpose related keys so maybe the problem is a toast crumb or similar sticking underneath that key.

    Turn the laptop upside down and pat its bottom firmly to see what falls out!
  2. Could be a faulty keyboard or the keyboard IC on the motherboard. If all else fails a new one on Ebay is around £10 and reasonably easy to fit. Hope it's not the motherboard....One faint possibility (it has happened to me) is the keyboard ribbon connector has become loose causing all sorts of mayhem...
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