I plan on putting Windows 64-bit on my rebuild and was wondering if Windows 7 64-bit RC1 might get better gaming results. I know there are benchmarks, but I was wondering if anyone has had any experience.

My rig:

i7 920
Gigabyte ex58-ud3r
6gb Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1066
HD 4870 1gb
PC Cooling and Power 750w
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  1. It doesnt feel much different then vista x64. Also, Punkbuster needs to be updated for win7....cannot play cod4 w/o getting kicked out of my favorite servers.
  2. windows 7 is much faster then vista..but as snowbum said there are some problems with punkbuster.
    windows 7 is great,you should give it a try for a few days ;)
  3. Of course there are issues with Windows 7's compatibility with certain programs... it's not even final release yet. Once it's released, and certain companies get their acts together and update their software accordingly, there will be absolutely no reason not to run 7.

    Bottom line is this: The current 7 RC (that is, build 7100) runs faster than Vista, and roughly as fast as XP (slightly faster in some areas, slightly slower in others, but nothing huge), but you get plenty of features that make it worth not considering XP (DX11, preloading programs, handles 64-bit far better... XP64 is a joke).

    So, grab yourself a copy of 7 when it comes out, install 64-bit, and in a year or 2 you might just upgrade to 6/8GB RAM and feel happy in the fact you don't have to change your OS when you do.
  4. Thanks to everyone for their comments. I'm currently running Vista 64 bit with 6gbs of ram, but I'm considering doing a dual boot with 7 RC1.

  5. Snowbum - Have you tried manually updating Punkbuster with the 64 bit Vista version? That's what I had to do for COD5.
  6. ^I have.
    After alittle more research, it seems that UAC is to blame for punkbuster not working. Disable UAC and pb should work. I will test it out later tonight.
  7. There's solutions for Punkbuster online, you basically have to give the two services admin rights after the game loads up.
  8. Thanks for the info Snowbum and trkorecky. I shall bear it in mind for the next time someone I know screams about punkbuster. I give it a day, maybe two!
  9. I got it working on build 7100!

    right click iw3mp.exe
    properties, run in compatibility mode for Vista SP2

    Run the game as Administrator

    I am so rusty at this game!
  10. I've been playing BF2142 on Win7 x64 without any problems from punkbuster.

    Don't even bother dual booting Vista and Win7 --- Junk Vista :)

    <-- Win7 fanboi
  11. id just go with 7 its working fine for me with punkbuster for COD 5 plus its free for a little while but id buy it in october or soon after because that will be after they take all the bugs out (if any)

    plus idk y u wouldnt disable UAC
    plus its prettier
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