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March 21, 2012 10:51:47 PM

Hi Guys,

I've recently taken on a new company which is opening a site in the next few months and i need some ideas on how to setup the new site utilising the technology already being used at the head office.

The current companies network is spread across 3 Sites across the county. The information below briefly describes the size, function and setup of each site.

This is the largest site when most of the business functions are performed.

200 Users split across the following departments, 15 of which are remote users:
Customer Services
Web developers

20 Servers on the LAN performing the following roles:
File server
Exchange Back End Server
Print Server
Application Server
Database Server
Terminal Services/Citrix Server
VMWare Server

4 Servers on the DMZ performing the following roles:
Web Server
Database Server
Exchange Front End Server
Citrix Front End

This is the second largest site which predominantly focuses on sales and service.

50 users split across the following departments:

4 Servers on the LAN perform the following funtions
File server
Print Server

This is the smallest site which houses only a small sales team.

20 Users all sales personnel who use thin client to connect into the citrix environment base at the UK site

The company is looking at opening a 4th office. This new site will have approximately 60 office based users and 15 remote users with room for expansion in the near future. The office staff will include Sales, Purchasing, Designers/Artists dealing with a high volume of artwork and a small Customer Services team.

I need a few ideas on a plan which i can put together and suggest the best setup for the new site. So i need a few ideas on server/client setup.
Any ideas would be very helpful as i have a few but unsure on what to go with.

Many Thanks

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March 22, 2012 12:06:49 AM

What's your role in the whole thing? What are you responsible for?
March 29, 2012 1:00:37 AM

Good LORD that is a lot of servers for such a small company. I run a 1,200 computer / 4000 user network with 11 sites using 8 physical servers, and I'm in the process of virtualizing some of the 8. No reason that I can see why you can't at least combine DC, DNS, and DHCP on the same box. Maybe file and print server on another. Good idea keeping your web and database server separate though. My $.02