Connect Car Audio system to home audio system speakers ?


I own a Sony Home Audio system which has 2 portable Speakers. Due to some reason, the system is not working. It is not repairable also.

Instead of buying a new home audio system, i wanted to the following;

1. Purchase a Car Audio System - without the speakers/woofers
2. I already have the Speakers from the home audio system.

Can i connect these two together?

How to go about it?

Kindly guide me for doing this.

Thanks in Advance.

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  1. Hi All,

    Please give some pointers on this.
    If this is not the right forum, then kindly let me know which one is?

  2. What do you mean? You mean get a car receiver and amp and hook it up to your existing speakers..? It would be easier to just get a Home Theater Receiver since they can put out upwards of 80W a channel, compared to a car receiver which puts out like 15W, plus, I wouldn't even know how to hook that up.
  3. Since a car audio system is meant to operate on 12volts dc you would need to buy a large 12v dc power supply to get it working (or use a car battery and charge it when it goes flat). Probably better and cheaper to buy a cheap stereo receiver or something used. Car stereo power ratings are pretty inaccurate so don't assume that the power will be adequate.
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