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Hi, I'm using an HP G62-b51se laptop, It has an ATI Radeon 5400 HD, Recently i've been having driver problems and i had to uninstall the drivers, i restarted my system to install the drivers again, i did that and after restarting for the drivers to take effects, After the windows 7 logo it doesnt go to the login screen, It just stays black and sometimes throws a BSOD, I tried going in safe mode, it works fine, When I tried to open Catalyst Control Center it said there were no settings or something like that, any idea what the problem might be?

Edit: Should I try reinstalling windows?
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  1. Go to the AMD site and run the driver verification - identification tool. The site will install the newest driver along with the catalyst control center. I had the same issue, i think the driver on the HP site is messed up.
  2. Just noticed the link is pointing to the optional hydra vision tool. You want the driver verification tool. Use this link.
  3. I did use this tool, It downloaded a 98mb driver and that one didnt work either, I noticed that while installing the video driver, The screen should flicker, it doesnt flicker at all and the installation is irregularly quick

    edit: attempting windows reinstall ;(
  4. Before you reinstall windows, last ditch effort uninstall everything that is AMD and VGA driver in safe mode.

    Then reboot and try the amd site again.
  5. i already tried that, Also, Reintalling windows didnt help :( my system wont boot with my video drivers installed
  6. Ok I tried boot logging this time, Here's ntbtlog.txt's content:

    something seems to be wrong here, please help me
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