Philips 245P2EB

Philips launched a new 24" 16:10 LCD
Colour: 16.7 Million
Viewing angle: 178/178
Response time: 5ms

I wonder the viewing angle of 178/178.
I search the web and nothing can find for this LCD.
Is it a VA panel?
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  1. Since Philips hasn't been more specific than "TFT LCD" in the leaflet or user manual, and 178/178 is too good for it to be a TN panel, I would guess that it's a VA panel, though it could get a professional review within a few days that could determine the type (or if you're that interested, you could contact Philips and ask them yourself)
  2. as mauve stated... 178/178 viewing angle is much too good for a TN panel. with the low(er) response time i would say this rules out IPS as well. VA would be a good guess but as mauve stated, either contact phillips, hope an online store has the info listed, or try the online manual.
  3. Chances are it is not a VA panel. They typically have a response time no faster 8ms. However, it is possible it might use aggressive RTC (Response Time Compensation). But that's not always a good thing.

    It could be an H-IPS panel, but they are generally rated at no faster than 6ms. However, panel Planar PX2611w is an exception since it is rated at 5ms and does not suffer from any ill effects of overly aggressive RTC.
  4. Looking at, I see 8 distinct non-TN monitors at 24 inch size with GTG response time rated at 5ms, so that detail doesn't really tell us the panel type:
    Eizo HD2442W-BK (S-PVA)
    LG Flatron W2420P (IPS)
    Samsung SM245T (S-PVA)
    Eizo CG243W (H-IPS)
    Eizo SX2462WH-BK (IPS)
    HP ZR24w (S-IPS)
    Eizo CG245W (H-IPS)
    Fujitsu P24W-6 IPS (E-IPS)

    My reason for doubting that it's an IPS is that I'd expect Philips would want to specify that if it was.
  5. I guess my info about VA panel is slightly dated...

    I assume the Philips uses an IPS panel because of the low response times and their former partnership with LG in the development and manufacturing of IPS panels.
  6. Thanks all of you.

    I gave a phone call to Philips but a customer service staff told me Philips' policy restricted him to tell me the panel type. Anyway, he disclosed it was not a IPS panel.

    Yea...I understand VA and IPS panel cannot not has response time faster than 6ms. Some models were quoted to demonstrate the fast reponse time, but the price of those of them are much more expensive than Philips. It seems not possible in terms of selling price.

    It is strange for a view angle having 178/178, I haven't been got such config in TN panel. Furthermore, it got sRGB colour.

    In case, the monitor is IPS/VA panel, Philips shall have an advertisement to promote it, but NO.
    If it is a TN panel but could have view angle 178/178 and sRGB colour, it is also a gimmick for Philips to promote the monitor, but NO again.

    It is very interesting to study this monitor as well as Philips.
  7. I went to shops locate nearby my home, but none of them showed the model 245P.
    I wonder. Therefore, I sent a email to Philips. Although, an email replied, further information can only be obtained for such model via 24-hrs on-line chatting or talk by phone.

    It is strange during my chatting with Philips Agent, looks like we are talking for a top secret or classified information.

    When I asked about 245P, the 1st question asked by Philips to me is to know my location. Strange, right?
    I told them in US. Then, NO more information can be disclosed and told me to contact their expertise:

    product expert at 1-866-771-4018 Monday - Saturday 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM EST Sunday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST Excluding Major Holidays

    As I'm not good in talking. Can somebody help me to contact Philips via phone to find out what sort of panel using by 245P and why the viewing angle can be 178 if it is a TN panel?

    Many thanks
  8. it almost sounds like phillips doesn't want your business. their brand isn't so high and mighty to warrant such hassle. if it were me i'd skip the hassle and go with a brand that states such information up front.

    I just did a very quick search and was getting price returns of $400-500. if this is the case why not go with a viewsonic pro? IPS panels and very high quality (i have one!)
  9. yes ... Philips kicking away the customers.
    However, I'm interested to a TN monitor having an innovative technology of 178 view angle.
    Don't you want to know the secret?

    I' don't know why there are so many hardware/technology website, but NONE of them conduct a review to this strange monitor !
  10. from what i've picked up, the viewing angle problem of TN panels is due to their very nature. this can be improved upon with a special coating but not to the extremes of other panel types. if phillips really did make a revolutionary discovery (doubt it) it would be all over the net by now as a cheap wide-angle monitor is what many people would buy.

    since they stated its not an IPS, and i doubt it is a TN, this points towards VA
  11. Yea ... me too .... I believe it is a VA. Otherwise, Philips would not keep it as a top secret. This is the only reasons as Philips shall use LG.Philips panel (IPS) in 1st pirority.
    If it is a VA panel, it shall be a good price now, right?
  12. OK, then, I go to buy this monitor and will let all of you to know it is a TN or VA panel.
    Hmm.... I believe it is a TN as the price is relative cheap if it is a VA panel. Also, VA is hard to have 5ms response time. Even though Eizo can't accelerate it to this rate.

    But, I hope it is a VA as I will paid for it.
    Haaaaaa ...............
  13. Actually, I bought Philps 245P2EB69 and 241P3LYEB69

    241P3LYEB39 uses LED, viewing angle is 170 (H)/160 (V)
    however, I sit in front of the monitor (about 1.5 feets at eye level distance), the colour of left hand side and right hand side changed (white to light yellow). It was crazy. I repeated I had not move my head and my body.
    In addition, when I just moving my neck to higher level, or sketched my body, then, the white colour changed to light blue. That means, the vertical viewing angle shall much less than 160 if to keep the colour unchange.
    On the other hand, the green colour trends to yellow when I tested by Eizo-test9 software. Also, it shows yellow colour ( it should be white) when I test the brightness and contrast.

    245P2EB9 uses LED. viewing angle is 178 (H)/178 (V)
    The performance of viewing angle is much better than 241P. There is no change of colour when I watch the monitor 's left hand side and right hand side.
    When I stand on the left hand side and right hand side (near the edge of the monitor), the change of colour is minor. I don't know how can Philip did it. In fact, it is a TN panel as it outputs waterwave pattern when I touch/press the screen.
    When I load Eizo-test9 software, everything remains normal except it produced a
    brown colour (it shoulde be balck) when I test the brightness and contrast.

    In my opinon, it is not worth to buy 241P.
    If 245P is cheap enough, I will consider that model.
  14. Sorry for slight necro but its the only thread i can find on this monitor

    The 245P did you figure out if it was TN or VA?

    edit: TN missed that part. Overall what is the monitor like? just found them for pretty cheap over where i am so price is tempting
  15. It shall be a TN panel as I got some wave pattern when I touch the screen.
    Colour and viewing angle are much better than 241P3.
    Except the price, 245P2 is a GOOD TN monitor.
  16. If you find 245P2 is cheap enough, Go ahead.
    No more 16:10 LCD monitor in the market.
    In my area, it is expensive than 241P3 almost US$70.
    If it is expensive than Dell U2311, go to Dell.
    245P2 is an excellent TN panel but still it is hard to compare with IPS/VA panel.
  17. Where I am its only around 40$ USD more than a typical 1080p 24" so its quite tempting, although it does seem to lack HDMI
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