Acer Aspire X1430 desktop, bluescreen

My month old Acer Aspire windows7 frequently bluescreens. What is the problem? Thankyou.
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  1. its hard to tell without being specific
    when booting press f8 and select the last option to disable automatic restarts on system failures (blue screen)
    with this enables the next time you get a blue screen write the error number at the bottom of the screen
    with the error number you can google it to research what might be failing in your system
  2. If it is only month old, see if you can still return it.
  3. Do a factory restore to put it back to the condition you got it out of the box, you will lose all your personal files and if it still does it after this, take it back, as it is either has corrupt recovery software or a hardware fault.
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