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MauveCloud 03-14-2011 at 02:22:43 PM | BBCode | Report .

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posts : 179 Points : 1317 Joined : Tue Jan 01, 1970 Member website Member configuration I've seen a number of monitor advice requests that didn't provide much information initially, so I think it's time to have a template for monitor advice. I cribbed a lot from theAnimal's template "*How To Ask For New Build Advice*".

Create a New Topic for your build with a descriptive title, such as "$400 gaming monitor" or "Need Advice on Budget LCD", not just "Help" or "Need Monitor".

In order to make things easy, copy and paste the following template into your post and edit the italicized examples to suit your needs:


Approximate Purchase Date: one week
Budget Range: $500
Monitor Usage from Most to Least Important: Graphic Design

Preferred Website(s) None

Country of Origin: US
Brand Preferences: None

Physical Size (Diagonal): 27"up to 32"

Resolution(s) You'll Consider: What we can get in our budget.

Inputs Needed: We just need to hook it up to a Mac

Panel Type(s) Desired: (e.g.: It seems that IPS is the way to go.

LED Backlight: Not shure, accurate color is most important.

Speakers: Indifferent

Wall-Mount: Indifferent

Stand Functions: tilt

Additional Comments: Graphic Designer that spends seven hours a day staring at a monitor. Is responsible for the creation of an 80 page catalog that's produced once a year along with a smaller catalog. All the print ads for the year along with doing the art for the website ect.

Thanks, Tom
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  1. is there a specific reason why you would prefer a monitor 27" up to 32" ?

    two reasons i ask this:
    - at that price point you might get a lower quality than what you would like instead of getting a better monitor at a lower horizontal size
    -the common 1920x1080 & 1920x1200 resolutions available at that price point will not look any sharper if you blow them up as such. if anything the image will look worse than if you used a 22" to 24". the photoshop (or whichever) program supports zoom so this would be the ideal way to enlarge objects.

    that said... if you are looking for a graphic design monitor you should give viewsonic a look.

    if you absolutely want a larger monitor you might want to try this:
    the price is higher than what you stated but you might be able to find a deal somewhere (sometimes at computer shows).

    if you dont mind going with a smaller monitor you might want to try this:
    the price is below your limit.

    i've had excellent luck with viewsonic. their IPS panels are crisp with great color and some even feature rotation if you want that. I used to do some graphic design on the side in the past for fun and i used an older vp201b 1600x1200.



    for displays at your requested 27" to 32" the most commonly recommended display is the dell ultrasharp 30" (forget the model number) but it goes for over $1000-1400 so that is completely out of the question. the nice thing about said monitor is it features double the resolution of typical monitors.
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