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Hey guys,

To start off, I know next to nothing about sound. I want to buy speakers that I will use for gaming, listening to music and watching movies on my computer in my room. Surround would be nice for gaming and watching movies. I thought about surround sound headphones but speakers will be more practical.

From what I've read prepackaged systems aren't that great, but the thing is I don't want to spend that much either and these seem to be decent value for money at the lower end. I'm not looking for an ultimate system that will last me forever. (I will state my prices in rands as I live in South Africa, and the direct conversion to US$). R4500 is pretty much as high as I would go.

I looked at the following:

Logitech Z906 - R3874/$480

Samsung HT-D5500K - R4500/$562

I don't have to get that Samsung system specifically, but I would just like to know what the downsides are of such a home theater system when compared to those logitechs. It has double the power output and a 3d blue-ray player (which isn't that important to me, but at least something) at only a little higher price. The Logitech also has no HDMI outputs etc. There has to be some downside to the HT? I know it's crap compared to high end systems, but at this price range...
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  1. the downside of ht systems is that they require the use of a dvd player slash receiver unit which has almost no upradeability. personally i'd suggest going with a cheap $50usd receiver and a cheaper speaker set over an all-in-one solution. boston accoustics and sony make some decent cheaper speakers.

    if all you plan on using the speakers for is a computer then logitech makes a good product. if you plan on connecting up a dvd player or other device in the future though i would go with a real ht system.

    for about $500-600 you can probably get the little brother to the equipment i use for my own system (though i paid $500 for a pioneer receiver, $500 for klipsch speakers and $400 for a klipsch subwoofer). klipsch makes an all in one type set which although not the same quality as my klipsch quintet iv system it looks practically the same and i believe it uses a real receiver (not a dvd/htr combination) but you might want to check.

    its an option but i would always recommend buying non "all in one" sets regardless of manufacturer.
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