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Hi all, I'm using a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V2035 with Windows XP and although the technical specs seem to be quite decent for such an operating system, overall performance is terrible. It takes up to 10 seconds for an application to open, while almost every website, with flash or not, slows down the laptop. YouTube for instance is almost unusable and every time I'm playing a video and I scroll down or up, the playback stops completely. Any advice on how to resolve this without a fresh Windows installation? (because I'm not quite sure that this would fix things). I think the poor online performance is a result of the graphic adapter...

Here are the laptop's specs

The only difference is that I'm using 1,5 gigabytes of RAM.
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  1. I have similar problems with my computer. I have reinstalled Windows and it didn't help. I think you have problem with hardware or with viruses, maybe. But I have my comp more than 3 years. I have core 2 duo 1.8 MHz CPU, 1GB RAM, hard disc with 250 GB, movies, music and videos on Internet is also bugging.
  2. No viruses for me, I scanned it several times with various applications. The only hardware problem that comes into my mind is a potential graphic card issue, but i'm still able to play games or watch movies without any problem. The only glitch appears when browsing the web, especially sites with Flash or videos such as YouTube.
  3. Maybe stupid question, is your internet access too slow, or maybe you have problem with hardwer for internet?
  4. The web connection seems to be fine and the problems I mentioned above continue even after the websites are completely loaded. This means the network adapter is ok, so I think the problem is hidden somewhere else.
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