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ok , im gonna buy a new cpu , and i have checked around a bit. I decided to buy one of the following:
1. boxed 2500+ (99 euro)
2. boxed 2700+ (124 euro)
3. boxed 2800+ (140 euro)

since my mobo can take max 3 ghz im probably gonna overclock to max , but i donnu what cpu to choose and how i would let say overclock a 2500+ so it would be like a 3000+ , i mean i know u do it with multi and fsb , but i dont get how u know when u have overclocked that much that it equals a 3000+ and i dont really know which are the recommened voltage levels. And i dont know if the fans that u get with boxed cpus can be overclocked to 3000+ , on the package for the diffrent cpus it only says that the fan will be able to handle the choosen cpu , any1 know if boxed fans are good ? and what would u guys recommend me to buy ?

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  1. one might say your a noob?

    get a Amd 2500+ Mobile. They are the O/C kings atm. Id reccommend getting an OEM version, using the saved cash to buy a nice hsf and overclock it then. dont go higher than 1.8vcore. you can change the fsb / multiper in the bios. Goto the overclocking/cpus section of the community, and read "how to overclock an Athlon XP" at the top of the board.
    Have fun

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  2. Before recommending anything for Overclocking, we need to know exactly what motherboard you are using. Make and model. If it maxes out at a 3000+ it is a 333 bus motherboard, or should I say does not support 400 fsb like an NF2 Ultra 400.

    Again, exact motherboard and memory would be helpful or nobody can estimate Overclocking potential. You may end up needing a mobile athlon XP chip with unlocked multiplier to really get good overclocks on your board. Or you may have a lousy OC'in motherboard altogether.

    So we may recommend overclocking an XP2500+, or forgetting overclocking altogether and buying the XP2700+ or XP2800+

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  3. asus a7n8x deluxe , nforce 2 , 400 fsb

  4. That is a great board. Get the xp-m 2500+ (the mobile chip) and a stock fan for the xp3200+. They are available in europe as A.V.C.112C86. You should have no problem getting past xp3200+ speeds. If it is before revision 2 it would be a good idea to first find out how fast you can run the fsb. Good luck, and have fun.
  5. Endy You forgot to give him the dates and details on the new XP CPU's because all the new ones are locked now unless he can get one manufactured in 2002 he's proly beat.

    The nForce 2 Version 2.0 Asus AN78X Deluxe is a good MoB to go with I have one and I have an unlocked XP 2500+ and a 2800+ I can overclock the wife's comp using the 2500+ but the 2800+ runs better at 2.2 or 12X5 X 180 or even better 2.2 @ 12x5 X 179 for some reason it screams along at that setting and she has 2 sticks of Corsair matched 512 MB PC 3200 Memory sticks.

    She also has a GeForce Ti 4200/128MB Graphics card. All seems to run very nice in fact it keeps up with my system in games. In bench marks it of course does not do as well but in a game you can't really tell any difference, not with your eyes anyways.

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  6. Thats why he should go for a mobile chip. They are not locked.
  7. sry im a noob , how do i know if its mobile or not ? :S

  8. usually the processor is named Amd Athlon Xp 2500+M or something, if your buying it from a walkin store just ask, if from the internet search for the mobile version. I hope this helps

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  9. hmm havent seen those :/ only seen like AMD Athlon MP2600+ Boxed but i guess that aint it

  10. WrathFox, Perhaps this will help. Here's a link to a decent article with pictures of the mobile Barton and the regular Barton.
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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  11. OK, nice mobo.

    I second the Mobile XP2500+ since it is unlocked. I have one that runs 2.6GHz stable and one that runs 2.4GHz stable. There is still a good chance that the regular locked retail XP2500+ will hit 2.2GHz (XP3200+ @ 11*200) speeds. But no guarantees.

    Do you know what ram you have? Is it PC2100, PC2700, PC3200, etc. If you hope to hit a 400fsb or higher overclocking, you will need PC3200 or higher ram. If you only have PC2100, you will need to replace it. PC2700, and you have slim chances of being able to run a 200 bus setting. In that case, the mobile may allow you to still get very good speeds by either just running 166 bus setting and a high muliplier, or finding you max supported fsb and then increasing the multiplier. With a locked chip, forget that. Of course upping the fsb gives the best performance gains.

    I know you can't buy one from here, but this is an example of one for sale here: Notice the mobiles say 266FSB not 333 like the desktop bartons.

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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  12. Thx, Nice little review there. I hadn't seen that one yet.

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