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Hi could you guys tell me what is wrong with my machine. I'm an experience ICT worker and I can't get why it isn't working. Basically it has Amd x4 640. Am3+ mobo and ddr3 1333 2x4gb ram sticks. And for some reason it used to blue screen and ten when I put windows xp on it it would only allow me to install 32 but windows 7. Even though machine is perfectly capable of running it. Another problem is if I try booting 64 bit Os it just crashes straight away extra laptop hdd. Have you guy got any ideas what it could be thnaks
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  1. You can't install Windows 7 x64 over top of Windows XP x86, it's a design limitation.
  2. I see now, thank you for your help. I am just wondering is my systems parts in sync to be working together because the machine is playing up, hiccuping and being very slow
  3. Apparently Athlon x4 640 memory controller is 667mhz. That means that its incompatible with ram according to amazon.
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