Wrong Forum, but the others seem dead!

i posted this in another section of the forum, but everywhere else bar the CPU section seems dead!

i am looking for a liquid that is better at thermal transfer than wateer, which could be used in a watercooling setup. any ideas??? any help is appreciated!

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  1. You might want to ask <A HREF="http://www.corsairmemory.com/corsair/products/specs/HydrocoolEXDatasheet.pdf" target="_new">them</A>.
  2. Hi Ned, I did see your post there, just don't know an answer.

    I did see someone doing a project for University with some liquid coolant I've never heard of. IIRC it was very expensive stuff. Wait, it occurs to me now that they were going to immerse the system in this coolant. So that's something different.

    Are there any aftermarket products for other systems that use water cooling. Ex. coolant additives for auto systems that may work to increase thermal tranfer?

    BTW, what the heck kind of OC are you planning that plain ole water won't handle?

    Good Luck and post back if you find anything. You got me curious

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  3. mercury...be careful.

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  4. liquid Nitrogen..... this is what crazy Japanese people use to make a AXP 1700+ and P4 2.4C the fastest thing around.

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  5. Like the other guy said, automotive atifreeze probably your best bet. anything non flammable explosive that freezes well below zero. try pumping your coolant into a freezer if you want to really chill it. liquid Nitrogen is most likley best but I would not care to mess with it.

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  6. OK, thanks for your help. But I did state that is needs to be able to work in a watercooling setup. Now call me stupid, but I'm pretty sure Liquid Nitrogen might be SLIGHTLY hard to integrate into a Water Cooler!!! lol

    I am a small fat ginger kid and I lob cow pats at old people, please be my friend
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