New Monnitor & PS3

Approximate Purchase Date: ASAP
Budget Range: £150 ($250)
Monitor Usage from Most to Least Important: 3d software, Graphics programs, and PS3 (all equally important ;))
Preferred Website(s) for Parts: UK webistes (e.g. ebuyer, aria, amazon)
Country of Origin: England
Brand Preferences: No preference.
Physical Size (Diagonal): 22"
Resolution(s) You'll Consider: Whatever is best for my software and my PS3.
Inputs Needed: The usual I guess. HDMI for PS3, DVI/VGA for computer.
Panel Type(s) Desired: I don't know.
LED Backlight: I don't know.
Speakers: Desired
Wall-Mount: Unnecessary.
Stand Functions: Tilt I guess.

Additional Comments: This will be part of a new build so I can't say what GPU I'll be using with it.
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  1. With that budget and size preference, I'd suggest the Samsung SyncMaster B2230H.
  2. That's exactly the one I was looking at but have been put off by the odd bad review especially one mentioning connectivity problems with ATi cards, as I'm leaning towards an AMD+Ati setup.
  3. Then how about the LG W2261VP?
  4. Again, the reviews haven't warmed me to it. If the Samsung isn't a guarenteed problem with ATi and maybe just an odd bad experience here and there from reviewers then I could be swayed. I haven't yet come across a thorough review, know of any?

    Besides that issue, does everything else regarding the tech specifications stand up to my needs i.e. PS3?
  5. For PS3, you just want 1920x1080 resolution and HDMI input, and both monitors I've suggested fulfill those requirements. I found a professional review of the LG W2261VP, though:
    As far as the Samsung problems with ATI, I can't say for sure, but it could easily be rare bad experiences. Testing every monitor individually before shipping would cost a lot more (LaCie and Eizo might do this considering their prices)
  6. Thanks for the link. One thing I've just picked up from the review though:

    "Even the manufacturer awards the W2261VP a "No" for graphics editing as an area of application"
  7. TN monitors in general aren't considered that good for graphics editing, but I'm not sure there are any VA or IPS panels at that size in your price range. If you can stretch your budget to a Dell ST2220T, that would probably be good for graphics editing (review here: If not, I suggest you look at the other reviews of 22 inch monitors at
  8. I won't be increasing the budget for that Dell, I had a look on Amazon and it's £250! - on a side note I don't really get the brains behind touch screen monitors, why would I want to press my fingers all over my screen?

    The question now is simply how noticeable the unsuitability of these monitors is for graphics.
  9. I think the idea of a touchscreen is that it can be faster than using the mouse (and I imagine they'd make sure it was easy to clean). Personally, I wouldn't mind trying one if it was cheap enough - for my 30 inch screen, a touchscreen overlay would cost around $700, and I'd have to detach the speaker bar to make it fit. However, you wouldn't have to actually use the touchscreen functionality. I was first considering suggesting the Dell U2211H, but it's at a similar price, and doesn't have an HDMI input.
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