Can any one Help unable to boot

Today when turning on my laptop, i am face with the windows error recovery screen with "launch start up repair" and start windows normally, neither of these options work, it will either reboot or i get the blue screen of death.
When i go in to F8 and try all the safe mode options, they also will not work,
I tried F10 to recover that way..and after about half an hour, i get kicked back to error recovery screen,

i have the recovery discs that i created when i got the laptop, i have been in to bios and chosen boot from CD/DVD Rom...and once again i am thrown to the recovery screen.. Is there anything i need to do before trying to install the recovery discs?

I have Acer aspire 5542 with windows 7 pre installed.

thank you in advance for any help you can offer :)
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  1. Well have you tested your RAM for errors?
    My freind had a simular problem, he had a memory leak, witch made him Blue screen everytime he booted up. Afterwards he bought some new Ram, and it worked perfectly, he had like 80,000 errors on his RAM lol, well all i advise you to do is just go to your local computer store if you dont know how to run RAM checks, and give it to them to run Diagnostics
  2. Hi, yes thankfully managed to get the memory diagnostics via the boot manager, but it came up with no issues, rebooted and went round in the same circles again...i just now want to install the recovery discs.but they don't seem to be getting picked up :(
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