Help me pick a Gaming Mouse please.

My DeathAdder's right click stopped working a couple days ago and I need to purchase a new gaming mouse. The majority of my playtime will be Rift so MMO style. I dont need a ton of extra buttons and features, just a nice solid, well built mouse.

Here's some that I have been looking at.

Logitech G500
Razer Abyssus
Razer Imperator
Razer Naga
Logitch G9X
Steel Series Ikari
Cooler Master Storm Sentinel
Logitch MX518

I had issues with my Razer so I'm kinda turned off from them. My Deathadder constantly double and triple left clicked.

I'm leaning towards either the Steel Series Ikari, Cooler Master Storm Sentinel or the Logitech MX518.

I havent heard many talking about Steel Series but the few that I have heard say they are excellent mice. Any great brands that I didn't list that I should take into consideration?

Please give me your opinions and thoughts.
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  1. To add to this, I'm a palmer. I'm also thinkin' about giving Razer another go around. Maybe the mamba or the deathadder and hope I have better luck than last time.

    What are your opinions on these mice and the ones previously listed?
  2. the double/triple click might be caused by either something foreign inside the mouse or by your finger twitching when you press down.

    before buying a new mouse you could try to increase the delay between doubleclicks so that it wouldnt register any unconcious twitching AND try blowing out the mouse.

    i've had nothing but great luck with the brand. logitech also makes a good mouse.
  3. I picked up a Gigabyte M6980, Works great, doesn't cost too much.

    Check it out and see what you think.
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    I currently use a Deathadder but also have a MX-518.
    The MX-518 is every bit as good imo plus it's over 7yrs old.
    Very well built.
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