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Hey just got a question about a headset and sound card.
Just built a new rig and bought a 7.1 sound card so I could take full advantage of my speaker set up. I now want to get a 7.1 (mimicking 7.1) headset, mos of the headset I have seen have only a usb connection and my sound card dosen't have a USB port. Is this because I don't need anything special for a headset, or should I get something else?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. i've never used a surround sound headset myself but from what i've heard i think they do the processing on a chipset inside the headphones and bypass the soundcard altogether.

    personally though i never did see the need for one of those headsets as a good stereo set will sound much better and you can still make sense of sound direction in games through other factors.

    the only headphones i wear are a pair of studio headphones (stereo) and they suit me fine. do what you wish though, its your money and your preferences
  2. Thanks for the advice think I'm going to buy the plantronics gamecom 780 as they have very good reviews, not too expensive and you can switch surround sound on an off so no worries
    Thanks again.
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