Install security updates windows xp failed

i cannot get on line.updates failed.not a expert, not even close.58 to computers.apacheben,need some help please.
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  1. If you have the original Windows XP CD put it in the drive having altered the computer's BIOS settings so that the computer will boot from that CD.

    Once it boots into Windows setup, select repair the installation or see if you can restore from a saved restore point.

    Personally, I would re-install Windows as this is generally faster and more likely to work but that doesn't help you if you have a lot of work stored on the hard drive.

    Next time turn off Automatic Updates.
  2. has had to resort to doing an upgrade install of xp in xp to get the updates to install and still keep other apps, data, etcetera
  3. Hi, Some computers with Windows XP, Windows XP Service Pack 1 and Windows XP Service Pack 2, have the problems that when you are updating the system, some updates are uncompatible with another update or with a software. And there updates that are unused by the system.

    In this case, its better to reinstall the system, and when you are going to update in windows update option, click in Personal update, NOT I FAST, the webpage is going to look which updates can use in your computer, also aditional software, and drivers that you computer use, select them first the esencials, them de aditional updates. Look that there are some updates that you have to install separate.
    And then finish the updates, your computer are updated, remember to switch off the automated updates in the control panel.

    Well I expect to explain the errors of updating, and could be the problem of your computer. Bye
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